The Charisma of Classical Music Discussed by Nadel Paris

Classical music is one of the most cherished forms of music; however, there are not many takers on it. People who are classical composition fans will always resort to finding solace in listening to their favorite tunes coming from some of the best traditional music composers.

Many people who listen to this form of music find it quite complex. Hence, there is not much of real appreciation for this form of music, since it requires profound comprehension of musical notes. These people fail to comprehend and appreciate the beauty and charm of traditional composition.

The study of classical music basically depends upon your taste for music. It might be that one form of composition appeals to you but not to others. Similarly, there might be instances where a traditional music expert might try to influence you with their judgment of classical music; though you can never understand what they mean to say until you begin to understand it.

A lot of people are not comfortable listening to classical composition at all. One major reason for this is the complexity and distance from the artist. The best way out to appreciate and understand classical music is learning it. Sometimes it can take too long to understand it. It totally depends upon the interest and dedication of the person.

There are many young music composers who are eager to learn and adopt classical music as their major mode of singing. There are different websites that promote these young singers who wish to study traditional music seriously. These music-oriented websites facilitate young singers to interact and share their art with each other. Moreover, many seasoned musicians also help those young composers to create better music. Many also promote young and budding artists to get some of the best opportunities in the music industry.

Classical composition was composed during the time period of 1750 to 1820. Modern traditional music emerged later and can now be heard commonly in the musical tracks of all genres. You can also listen to the theme of classical music being played in the background of video games. These themes are not sourced from plain traditional music, but are written especially to be played by an orchestra. People who write this form of music are trained in traditional composition.

Today, classical music has its own significance in the world of composition. There are hundreds of traditional music concerts held throughout the world. Thousands of people flock to these concerts just to hear the mesmerizing vocals of the legends, while many only appear to catch a glimpse of their favorite classical singers.

Nadel Paris is a songwriter, dancer and a published author. She began her professional career as a SAG/AFTRA agent and later started a successful acting school in Orange County, California. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc. Nadel owns a music institute and with her staff she has been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

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Rockstar Voice – Improve Your Vocals with Fast Singing Tips

As a singer you have a great talent for expressing powerful emotions through the art of music. But, there might be a time when it feels like your singing abilities aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like anymore.


Getting discovered as a singer is hard if you don’t progress past the competition and create a powerful reputation as a vocalist. Try these fast singing tips by Nadel Paris (a musician) to push your vocals a little further down the professional path.


1. Learn to breathe… the correct way. For singers who haven’t thought about the power of air support before, you might be doing it incorrectly. When you breathe in, keep your shoulders fixed and watch the air inflate your belly. This technique allows you to contain more air and release it with a focused stream.


2. Know your vocal range. Someone whose voice cracks often while singing is an indication of not being warmed up, but also of not singing in their range. If a song is not in your range, either throw that song away or transpose it to a lower key to save your rockstar voice some embarrassment.


3. Use less air for the low notes. Low notes take less air to hit as high notes take more. Decrease the flow from your lungs and you can actually feel the adjustment as the lower notes become easier to execute.


4. Record your personal sessions. You might not be able to tell how your singing is being received when you’re performing, so recording your practices might not be a bad idea. You can actually pin point some of the habits and problems that make your performances less appealing.


5. Rest your vocals when you have to. There might come a rough night when you can’t hear yourself properly and you blow out your vocals. If this happens, you need to rest them and talk as little as possible. If you can spare an entire day or a few hours with pen and paper for communication, your voice will thank you graciously.


Singing isn’t the easiest thing to master, but once you get a good thing going, the competition will start falling behind. Try a few of these tips for yourself and improve on your rockstar voice.


Nadel Paris is a recording artist, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and an actor. Her music is a mix of different styles fused with electronic dance beats. Nadel owns a music institute and with her staff she has been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

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Yoga – A Must For All Dancers

If you are looking for ways to improve as a dancer, developing a regular yoga practice should be the top of your list. Out of the countless benefits, here is a list of the top five:

  1. Injuries are less likely to happen. Dance is physically demanding in a way that many other physical pursuits are not. Dancers are required to move their bodies in ways that are counterintuitive and likely to put stress on joints and the spine. Any dancer will benefit from maintaining maximum flexibility and strength.


  1. Become more intimately acquainted with your body. It’s a dancer’s job to know how to move gracefully. Agility, strength and speed are the name of the game. While you are building awareness of your body, with all of its strengths and weaknesses, you are simultaneously building the neural pathways to help you learn to control every nuance of movement. That is priceless.


  1. 3. You will learn to breathe properly. Yes, breathing is an involuntary function. Many of us don’t think about it much since the body takes care of it. Learning to breath fully is an eye-opening experience. Breathing deeply brings more oxygen into the body, which means more power to your movements.


  1. Learn to link breath and movement. Your breath can be a powerful tool, as previously discussed. You can use it to empower your dance by consciously inhaling and exhaling when the choreography calls for it. A full inhale on a develop en point or an exhale as you curl the body in on itself add an extra bit of punch and power.


  1. Peace of mind. Pass the peace, please. The life of a dancer is not only physically demanding, it also mentally demanding. It is not a job for the faint of heart. Competing for jobs and parts, or even competing against the dancer you were a year ago today is part of the picture. Every dancer needs to find tools to cope with that stress. If not, it’s going to be a short career.


Nadel Paris is an American citizen born and raised in France, a life coach, writer, actor and dancer. She draws on over her years of experience as a dancer, teacher and performer to create fiction and non-fiction for children. For more information and tips about dancing and singing, please visit her here:

Singing Breathing Exercises Discussed by Nadel Paris

Vocal and singing breathing exercises hold the key to effective sound quality and proper pitching, along with developing the correct singing posture. When we breathe, we tend to take in air and release it in a burst, as quickly as possible. This holds true for 99% people but singing requires you to breathe in a different manner. As you move up the learning curve, you will also begin understanding how important it is to control your breath especially while singing soprano or tenor. Proper breathing can also help in relieving tension in your body or throat muscles in general.

Deep breathing is one of the singing breathing exercises that are highly recommended by all music teachers and experts. Stand with your feet hip width apart and practice deep breathing. If you feel tense in any part of your body, focus on that area and imagine releasing the tension with each breath. You may wonder why anyone would feel tense while practicing singing but remember, in a professional singing environment where you are singing in front of an audience, muscle tension could be a problem and unless you know how to get rid of it, the quality of your voice will get affected. Deep singing breathing exercises will also help you in singing a high pitch without pausing for breath or even several notes together.

Lip rolls and hums are the other singing breathing exercises suggested by experts. Lip rolls are also considered as a vocal warm up exercise where you place your lips together and exhale air so that your lips flap. Do this while breathing normally and work on keeping the lip roll for as long as comfortably possible. The purpose of these singing breathing exercises is to loosen facial muscles and allow you to sing better while focusing on proper pronunciation of words and vowels. Practice this exercise for at least five minutes before you start your singing practice.

Hums are singing breathing exercises that are a combination of lip rolls – the only difference is that you are producing sound while practicing the rolls. Focus on one sound, such as a ‘ha’ and start with singing it at a low pitch. Experiment with producing this sound from your vocal chords, the throat, the stomach, or even the diaphragm. This allows you to develop your abilities in singing different styles.

One important thing to remember while practicing singing breathing exercises is that you are delivered air to the lungs and the diaphragm. Consequently, your stomach should not be sucked in or protruding out while doing these breathing exercises. Work consciously on breathing in such a way that you feel air being retained in your diaphragm and lungs while keeping your stomach relaxed. If your voice sounds tired and cracked while singing, it means that you haven’t exercised properly. By the time you hit the end note on the scale, your voice should be clear and loud. If this does not happen, the lungs haven’t been able to sustain air while exercising. One way to ensure that your lungs are receiving air is by deep breathing while lying on a flat surface. If you feel a vibration when you place your fingertips below your diaphragm, you are breathing in the right manner. Your music instructor will be able to help you with specific breathing warm up exercises suited to your singing style.

Ms. Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. Nadel is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.

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Preparing Yourself for Studio Recording Sessions

It is extremely important for all musicians and vocalists to be prepared when getting ready for upcoming studio sessions. With the right preparation the session should go smoothly and be a great experience for all involved. Failing to prepare can and usually does lead to more stress and work than would be otherwise required.

This article is written with vocalist in mind but some of the tips are equally valuable to drummers, guitarists, bassists and all recording musicians.


So where do you begin?

Make sure you know the material you are supposed to be recording. It might seem like a simple suggestion but knowing your song inside out and backwards is the first step to turning in a great studio performance. Know the structure by heart, how many verses and choruses are there? Can you hum the melody without the vocals?


The best way to ensure this is with tight rehearsals before the session, at home or with your band in the rehearsal room. If you can make a copy of the backing music for you to practice with away from the session then do it, you’ll feel the benefits when you get into the studio.


An hour before you arrive to record your vocals make sure you fully warm up your voice. This article isn’t intended as a singing guide, Google is your friend here. A fully warmed up voice has a much better tone and clarity, especially towards the natural top and bottom of your range and around the bridges.


Stay clear of fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and milk before your session, they tend to put a coating on the throat which makes for unwanted noises and an uncomfortable feeling whist recording. Avoid foods containing dairy, such as cheese and anything with high sugar content.


Lemon tea is said to be great for vocalists, some also swear by adding a drop of honey to hot water. Alcohol should really be avoided and excess smoking. Nadel Paris a musician always recommends having bottled water with you for refreshment which is at room temperature. Anything that is too cold can affect the working of the vocal chords.
Having a couple of copies of your lyrics with you is a really good idea, both in case you forget the words and because your engineer may well not know the song you are recording.


When you are getting ready to start recording its essential to get your engineer to get your headphone monitoring set so you hear exactly what you need to hear to give your best performance. Don’t have the volume too high or you risk over singing to compensate for the monitoring level, and likewise don’t monitor too quietly or you’ll hold back on your performance.


Everyone has their own way of working. Some vocalists can sing the song start to finish while others will sing it in sections, listening to each one before moving on. Make sure you listen carefully to your performance and remember that if you’re not happy with something you’ll need to say. Your engineer will most likely never critically listen to your track once its finished, you will be listening to it for the rest of your life so you need to get it right.


Make sure when your engineer is mixing your track that you keep quiet and let him work, talking to him about the track is generally fine but having a conversation whilst sat behind him about last night’s football result is very off putting!


Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. Nadel is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter.
She is also an actor, an acting coach, and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.
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What Are The Things That A Female Vocalist Has To Invest On?

A female vocalist needs to invest on items that can certainly boost her singing career. Wannabe beginners should be aware that they must spend money, time, and also effort and hard work to get a lot of benefits. The performer who wishes to become popular should not be in a rush to be in the spotlight. She must know that fame does not come quickly to most individuals. It is important that the vocalist really does everything that she could to be able to improve her own natural talent and knowledge while she is anticipating her turn in the spotlight. Nadel Paris says that the singer has to be vigilant to spend her hard earned money on important products; those things that will help advance her profession. She shouldn’t be inclined to shell out cash on trivial items. She must realize how to become frugal and money conscious asap, so whenever the right time comes that she’s actually earning huge amount of money, she will have the ability to handle her money very well.


An electronic recorder is actually an asset for each musician these days. It is going to be much faster and simpler for a female vocalist to improve herself if she can quickly check how she sounds like. A premium quality recording unit is surely a great investment decision for a female vocalist. By using a recording unit, the performer can possibly determine if she actually offering a very good concert. Being off tune is definitely a major problem for each musician. She could certainly avoid that if she’s got the proper devices and also gadgets. A performer could also monitor her own pitch in case she has her very own recording unit.


A female vocalist must also shell out on non-musical stuff or devices. She should invest on good attire. She has to maintain a very good impression as well as a nice appearance. The fashion and costume of a performer is part of her overall package. Additionally, a number of lovely accessories must be a top priority for a performer that is wishing to stay in the industry for a long time. Instead of blowing cash on clothes and fake jewelry, she has to use savings on some robust but well-crafted items. The good thing about jewelry is the fact that they never depreciate in value. Their price constantly increases after a while.


A female vocalist needs to collect music-related stuff. When she’s got ample space in her residence, she can decide to store the CDs of her favorite singers. Furthermore, she must not part with her musical equipment because those tools could be worth lots of bucks if she becomes a well known singer. Each and every performer should have her chosen mic. It’s easy to invest in a mic because there are a lot of testimonials on the web. You could find plenty of important information; just like for example- the kind of brand to get what designs can provide you with the best value for the money, which brands to avoid buying as well as the warranty of these kinds of products.


A female vocalist should not cut corners on instruments. It will be easier for an artist to be famous in the industry when she can play her instruments perfectly. One essential thing for any musician is her own musical instrument. This is a cut throat environment in the music business that is why a singer must always be loaded with numerous good skill. Or else, she will be eaten alive by her competitors. You should never be reluctant about obtaining a high quality product, simply because in musical instruments, you will get exactly what you pay for. Many times, the high quality tools will never be sold in a bargain. A singer has to blow savings on non-material investment, just like her visual appearance and also her own education. If a female vocalist is not really lucky with excellent appearance, she can have painless and non-invasive beauty treatments.


Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. Nadel is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, actor, and a screenwriter.

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The Hip Hop Culture Identity

Hip-hop isn’t just about music. Hip-hop is about dance, art, expression, pain, love, racism, sexism, broken families, hard times, overcoming adversity and the search for God. It’s a culture, a way of life, a language, a fashion, a set of values, and a unique perspective. Hip-hop is about trying to live out the American dream from the bottom up.


Hip-Hop culture is a unique phenomenon because it does incorporate and affect so many different cultures, ages and classes. In the early 1970’s the unnamed culture known today as “hip-hop” was forming in New York City’s ghettos. Each element in this culture had its own history and terminology contributing to the development of a cultural movement. The culture was identified in the early 1980’s when DJ Afrika Bambaataa named the dynamic urban movement, “hip-hop.” Since that time “hip-hop” has served as a powerful voice and form of expression for young black audiences and has evolved into a culture with its own language, style of dress and mindset. The hip hop culture envelops not only music but also fashion and dance.


What makes hip hop’s evolution is the range of flavor the culture has to offer and what “hip-hop heads” thrive on is individuality and creativity, which is never more apparent than in hip-hop fashion. In fact, hip hop fashion is one of the top clothing industries in the world today. It is claimed to have begun in the African American community but has spread quickly into being a truly universal style for people of all ethnicities and sexes and a lynch pin of hip hop culture.


Hip hop dancing is evolving in many different directions today, heavily influenced by the evolution of hip hop music and its popularity in media, surrounded by heated debates on history and authenticity. Modern hip hop music gave birth to new styles of hip hop dancing partly inspired by the old school styles. Most of those styles focused on upright dancing as opposed to breakdance which is better known for its floor-oriented movements. To express one’s creative talent, hip-hop dancing is perhaps the best way in which impressions and expressions come from the soul.


Music has always played a key role in shaping minds and attitudes. Hip hop music sheds light on contemporary politics, history and race. The social influence hip hop music has on the hip hop cultural movement includes activities of dancing, associated slang, fashion and other elements. Hip hop music encompasses the written word, visual art, dance and rhythmic style with intricate beats. Music has no boundaries and no limits; anything worthy should be available through music, especially spirituality and religion. A big influence on the hip hop identity is its redeeming music.


Culture is the product of a current reality. The identity of a culture is created by the work and thought of human beings. It is the expression of a class or element of a particular class and is reflective of a certain period. The allure of Hip Hop culture as an organizing mechanism has arisen primarily because there is no existing political apparatus that adequately addresses the needs of young people and/or poor and working class communities; in a political vacuum. Culture, as a general matter, cuts to the core of how people articulate their beliefs, values and customs. Hip Hop culture is the most visible and vocal representative entity of its own identity.


Ms. Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.
Nadel Paris has a voice which everyone remembers the minute they hear it! She has a warm very distinct sound.


Distributed by Tony Bucher and Universal Music, Two of her beats “Oh La La La” and “Funk it Up” feature rapper extraordinaire KXNG Crooked I has already made a massive with around 1.2 million views combined.
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Easy Listening Genre / Music

The term ‘easy listening’ has been used as a tag for the style of popular music that is easy on the ear; soft, beautiful, light music for years. It first emerged in the middle of the 20th century and evolved into big band and swing music. The simplicity of ‘easy listening’ music is that it catches the romance of laid-back rhythmic melodies, popular with couples throughout the globe. The genre can include anything from pop singers and bands, exotica artists, through to instrumental forms often played on violins, organs etc. The genre is very similar to what is called ‘lounge music’. However, lounge music is more jazz orientated and more dependent on musical improvisation. Easy listening is usually arranged and orchestrated rather than improvised, which is probably why it’s ‘easy listening’.

Another title given to ‘easy listening’ is ‘elevator’ or ‘lift’ music. This is usually referred to as ‘muzak’, and generally referred to in a derogatory way. I’m sure we’ve all been stuck in a lift, having to put up with the constant drone of noise spilling out of the speakers – so there’s no wonder ‘muzak’ is thought of in a derogatory way. However, as Muzak is actually a corporation which manufacture, produces and programmes this ‘easy listening’ music, it isn’t actually a genre in itself at all.

The American magazine ‘Billboard’ featured an easy listening singles chart in the 1960’s – an ‘easy listening music top 40’. This morphed into an adult contemporary chart in 1979 and continues to this day. Nostalgia or beautiful music; a subset of easy listening music, had quite rigid standards for instrumentation when played on the radio – few or no saxophones could be played and only a restricted amount of vocals could be played in an hour. Often, well known cover versions of the 60’s and 70’s were re-arranged and customized into instrumental songs for the radio format during its peak in popularity.

The term ‘easy listening’ is a relatively broad one in that it’s also used to describe genres such as new age music, smooth jazz and soft rock, and many more, although it isn’t correct to include these in the label at all. After all, even Metallica have songs on the softer side that could be labeled as easy listening, but not many of us would put them in this genre of music.

New age music is the perfect accompaniment to yoga, massage, meditation, stress management and reading. The melodies are repetitive and soothing and often include a drum beat to give a hypnotic effect. And although there are rarely vocals in new age music, they can include tribal chants and angelic harmonies.

Smooth jazz is a sub-genre of jazz that is influenced by R&B, funk, rock and pop. Modern derivatives of the genre include the new adult contemporary format of broadcast radio. However, the popularity of smooth jazz has waned since 2007 and in the US it was abandoned by several high profile radio stations, even though smooth jazz concerts and record sales still continue to show fan support.

Soft rock, also labeled easy, mellow or light rock, uses the techniques of rock ‘n’ roll to compose a softer, more toned down sound which is easier on the ears and heart rate. Soft rock songs tend to be based on love and life and relationships and tend to involve acoustic guitars, pianos and synths. Electric guitars are toned down to give a softer sound.

It’s quite important that all the differing forms of music should keep their own identity and not be put under this very ‘easy to use’ ‘easy listening’ label. There are very many styles of music it would be convenient to stuff into the, let’s face it, usually bland, easy listening box that have their own very unique nuances and deserve to have their own label.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.
She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.
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The Pop Art Effect: Nadel Paris

One of the many beautiful things about art is how it is able to incite change and evoke tremendous emotions within its viewers. Whether it is a painting, sculpture, musical arrangement, fashion piece, novel or any other type of art, it can have the ability to change certain peoples’ perspectives. Pop Art is typically created with this intention; each piece carefully crafted to further the art movement and shine a light on mass consumerism.

As the Pop art movement has grown, many new artists and new techniques have emerged, allowing the movement to grow and change appropriately as the world changes. Pop art has transformed the traditional art market, allowing art to be placed on consumer products as part of the message, rather than a means of selling out to the corporate world. More accessible items such as plates, magnets, posters and many other every day products now often adorn Pop art originals created by some of the most well known artists in the Pop art community.

Also, the movement has shown to be largely focused on philanthropic efforts in the local community. Many artists donate their time, money and artwork to raise money for multiple charities and causes. Also, many artists, including one of the most famous artists associated with the movement, Romero Britto, serve on the board of various charities and some even start their own. It has become clear to artists within the Pop art movement that to truly move forward and change the way people view the world, they need to be associated with the organizations focused on making these changes a reality.

Keeping these things in mind, it is clear that Pop art has had quite an effect on the world. It has snowballed into this amazing movement filled with artistic endeavors, a new spin on mass consumerism and a dedication to philanthropic efforts.

Artistic Endeavors

Pop art aims to blur the line between what most people refer to as “low” pop culture and “high” art. By utilizing found art that relates to mass consumerism, such as advertisements, comics and packaging, this has become relatively easy to do. Because of that, it became necessary to be clearer about what Pop art truly means to convey, and a simple collage of multiple magazine cutouts masqueraded as a Pop art piece. The message is meant to be clear, but debatable. People who view Pop art pieces should be able to interpret them in multiple ways, but at the same time a message should be clearly conveyed, typically related to pop culture and mass consumerism.

As the movement has progressed, most artists have started trying to emotionally detach themselves from their art works in order to convey a “cold” sense of connection with their work. Their goal is to be ambivalent to the work so that the trauma of mass consumerism is in the forefront of the piece’s overall meaning.

A New Spin on Mass Consumerism

One of the interesting aspects of Pop art is its ability to mock mass consumerism and participate in it at the same time. Many Pop art pieces are prominently displayed on mass produced items such as plates, cups, key chains, posters, magnets, buttons, t-shirts and much more. This seems like it would go completely against the goal of Pop art to mock mass consumerism, but it has become a very powerful comment on it. By placing Pop art on mass-produced consumer products, the people who love and enjoy Pop art are forced to consider the hypocrisy of the product itself and the fact that they made the purchase. Opening up to this deep level of thinking is a direct reflection of what Pop artists strive for with their work. So although putting Pop art on all of these products seems to go against everything the movement stands for, it actually allows there to be a new and creative way of thinking about Pop art.

Taking the thought-process behind how we interpret Pop art to another, higher level of thinking just speaks to how quickly this movement is gaining speed and becoming incredibly influential in the art world. If it keeps progressing at this pace, it will surpass many other art forms before it in terms of progressive thought.

Philanthropic Efforts

One of the most important ways that Pop art has been influencing the world is through the charitable efforts of some of the most well-known artists associated with the movement. Many Pop artists have donated their money, time and artwork to further different charities they support. The beauty of Pop art is that it does not try to push any one person in a specific charitable direction. However, the focus of much of Pop art does typically move the artist and their fans to participate in charity events.

This seems to be a very interesting phenomenon that is stemming from the public’s view of Pop art. While they are, of course, enjoying the artwork, a dedication to supporting many of the charities that Pop artists are involved in is becoming important to the consumer as well.

Over time, the Pop art movement has clearly morphed into far more than a fleeting period of art. The Pop art movement has affected many people in positive, forward thinking ways, and it is apparent that Pop art will continue to impact the world for many years to come.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.
She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.

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Query and The Importance of Feedback for Screenplay


As a screenwriter, you are going to get feedback on your screenplay, whether you like it or not. Every time you have someone read your film script, they are going to give you their opinion. It is just part of the course. Everyone assumes you want to know what they think. And quite frankly, they are right. You do want to know what they think of your story. But are you prepared for their opinion?

Feedback is necessary to your screenplays development. It is the essential element that will tie all the pieces together. A screenplay query sets the tone to understanding the development and structure of your film script.

As a screenwriter seeking a screenplay query, merely means you are seeking outside advice. So look to the professionals to give it to you. A professional screenwriter marketing service that specializes in script analysis and script critique would be the right choice.

If you plan it wisely, you can choose your feedback. There are 4 stages to the feedback process that are most crucial to the development of a screenplay. Choose your screenplay query after each one of these stages. The advice you will receive after each stage will add depth and substance to the overall success of your film script.

Nadel Paris who herself is a screenwriter always suggests that you organize your writing notes first before you get started writing the actual screenplay. Try and put them into some kind of order. The best way to do this is by designing your screenplay.

After each one of these stages, it would be advisable to seek a screenplay query from a professional script doctor. A script analysis and critique will help you to see any inconsistencies and resolve them.
1. Write a 3 to 10 page treatment or synopsis of your story. Single spaced. A treatment or synopsis is simply a narrative of all the major actions and characters from start to finish. Basically, it is a short story version of your screenplay.
2. Write a 7 to 30 page outline of your story. This will serve as the structure for your screenplay.
3. Write a first draft of your screenplay. This is when your story really starts to come to life. You have the building blocks to guide you. With the treatment and outline as a blueprint you can develop your film script through each scene.
4. Writing a final draft of your screenplay is basically, writing and rewriting. Ironing out all the inconsistencies and tying up any remaining loose threads.

Ms. Nadel Paris is a screenwriter, published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, a dancer and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.
Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years working with them in voice placement, voice projection.
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