Making Hip Hop Music Beats – What to Look Out for?

A music producer’s biggest challenge is coming up with new and creative hip hop music beats for his or her music.


Hip Hop Music Beats

After testing numerous softwares, you will realize that there are certain elements that will make or break your beats. These 3 elements are:


1) Drums – The most important part of a beat is the drums, and your software should have some type of hard hitting or low-end boom that will make people want to get up and party. It should also have the ‘thumping’ effect and not sound hollow.


2) Sound Effects – This is another crucial area you want to pay close attention to when looking around for the right software. Most software have various types of sound effects, just make sure you have the right type of effects for your project. Most of them provide free samples of their sounds, so take your time to listen to them before making a decision.


3) Snare – The snare could also be extremely important. The snare drum can give your beat a good groove, and can make or break your music. There are plenty of ways to use a snare, just go with the rhythm and let your creative juices flow.


Other than the 3 factors above, the next thing you should look for when making your own hip hop music beats is the price of the software. Make sure that it is within your budget, and it has all the features that you require. Don’t pay too much for professional softwares when you don’t need it yet.


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