Electronic Dance Music – From Public Nuisance to a Respectable Profession

Just two decades ago, people used to get horrified with the tales tabloids used to tell of drug fueled profligacy linked to electronic dance music. Two decades later, seeking a DJing or rapping career or following the hip hop culture has become the new “in thing” among the youngsters.

So how did the public opinion on electronic dance music change so dramatically in such a short span of time? Let’s take a look at what it was before and where it stands today.

The Rave Scene

When electronic dance music first entered America in the 1990’s, it was not adopted because of the rave way in which it was being presented by the artists. It was isolated and fallen apart and was largely associated with underground rave parties.


As more time passed by, hip hop artists as well as electronic dance music began to attract a new group of people and incorporated new and innovative genres of music into it. It began to have a wider appeal to people because it directly addressed the lives of the people involved.

Open Acceptance

Today, no matter if it’s a 16 year old school going music lover, or a 35 year old Wall Street professional, EDM has swept away everyone alike. It has exploded in an era where social media, huge festivals, cheap music technology and information about the hip hop artists is all at the finger tips of this generation.

Preference over Traditional Bands

Today, rather than going to the concerts of traditional pop and rock bands, people prefer attending an event where they could enjoy electronic dance music. DJ’s and hip hop artists have begun to make a lot more than professional singers, and the trend continues to grow at a rapid pace.

No One Uses the R-word anymore

With all the white dress codes combined with super expensive sets, the big club nights can really no longer be called ‘raves’. If there is the next big dance event coming up in your town, there is no way that a big-name DJ is not making an appearance. Hip hop artists have rightly earned the reputation of knowing their audience and thus the music is exactly according to their taste.

The dance music culture is becoming a rising commercial tide, and with it, it has introduced several impressive names such as Nadel Paris that have totally revolutionized what EDM stood for just two decades ago.

Nadel Paris is a music producer, recording artist, musician and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc. She is making her statement as a female vocalist and a sole composer of all her songs and hope that it will inspire many others to do the same. You can listen to her songs on itunes, spotify or on amazon.

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How to Appreciate Music? By Nadel Paris

Do you know the facts needed to be considered to appreciate music? Why do you listen to music? Which types of music make you feel the best?

In short, we can say, Music refers to an art whose real medium is silence and sound. The common elements of music are rhythm, dynamics, pitch and the sonic qualities of texture and timbre. Since the starting of music-industry, music has developed to that extent that none would have dreamed 400 years ago. Still, audio-visual presentation has influenced our lives a lot. From entertaining music to the daily TV, the audio music or video musical songs have us glued to their message.

But, how to understand and appreciate a message? Even if this message is not what you’re searching for, you can still find out how it comes to you. Professional music composer Nadel Paris says that if you understand all the terms that go into producing a musical presentation, you will see whether what are being presented which were produced carefully and with you in thoughts or without thoughts and aren’t really worth of your attention.

You usually listen to the music for entertainment. You may want to take a rest from your daily routine and visit into other world. The world of dreams and at least a world that will make you forget your tiredness, sadness, monotony for couples of minutes or may be more than an hour.

What’s better than this sinking into musical ocean, flying in the air or even sleeping on a beach. It’s wonderful from time to time believing that you can just get what you want through some awesome words accompanied with the music that goes exactly the way you want.

What actually makes difference between the music in which you literally forgot what you really are and the music that is more than boring.

It totally comes down to the genre taste, and the accompanying words or lyrics that describe every single thing that matches to your thoughts. They will deeply encroach upon all of your organs down your guts and blood in all of your vessels.

You will be feeling happy, angry, sad, excited or hopeless in a very short time that depends upon the theme of the music or song. The most amazing aspect is that most of these songs or music is composed with cordial efforts of one or more persons. They represent the thoughts and skills of those artists. Moreover, as music can be composed with the help of more than one musical instrument, the combination can be amazing and the enthrallment is going to rest on how well each musical art is going to be applied.

Who will not want to dive into the deep ocean of music and get himself lost into a world of dreams? Who will not want to go to the deepest part of his thoughts?

Now, you understand how to appreciate music, right? The life is yours and you know the thing that you love the most. Make the choice, play the music and let your heart have what it wants.

Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban

Nadel writes about music genre, other related topics and shares her experience she has over the years through her blog.

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What Makes A Female Vocalist Very Alluring To The Public?

There is always a female vocalist who has a huge and cult-like following. She is somebody that is very powerful, a lot more influential when compared to people in politics as well as many other high-ranking officials. She demands the love of numerous individuals. Her influence reaches tens of millions globally. Vocalists as well as many other celebrities are incredibly influential in that way. Simply because of the popularity of social networking nowadays, the effectiveness of renowned actors cannot be contested. Renowned performers have numerous fanatics and subscribers in social media marketing. Their viewpoints count a lot. The fans are always eager to hear about their life stories.

It is true that a female vocalist can be as popular as a guy singer. You might assume that solely man vocalist could be exceptionally famous because of the devotion of women fans. But these days, girls can be as crazy about women performers as they are about guy performers. Women musicians earn the admiration of their male counterparts. They are a force to reckon with. They also get a huge income, much like the prominent male performers. These days, a girl singer carries a significant position in the music world. Female pop stars earn a huge amount of money, far more than what a regular worker earns. If not for the many millions of fanatics, music superstars would never make just as much.

So what makes a female vocalist special to her followers? Usually, it’s simply just the X-factor and her appeal. Just look at the renowned lady balladeers and also lead vocalists. They actually attract fans like a moth to the fire. But if you think about their looks, they aren’t so gorgeous whatsoever. They do not have the bodies of any model as well. It is really their styles that set them apart from several other artists around. Most of the time, copycats don’t survive in the music sector. On the contrary, audience really love listening to singers with creativity. People are usually happy with performers who have something totally new to present.

Probably the explanation why a female vocalist has got so much appeal is mainly because she is not reluctant to talk about her own life stories. Followers can relate to her. Whenever a vocalist shows her real feelings to her followers, she gets their trust as well as concern, hence making her seem like an average person. The singer who finds time to reply to the emails of her own fans over the internet really makes herself a lot more adorable. Sometimes even the mothers and fathers of teenagers become fans of the artist after they realize that she’s a good example to their own kids. A singer that is not associated with bad news as well as publicity is well-loved by her followers. If she supports the good cause of various institutions, she really elevates her stardom. It’s no surprise why various companies want to join legendary vocalists as their ambassadors. They can easily acquire numerous users by getting a renowned performer promote their brand.

When a female vocalist can compose and write her very own music and songs, she will be enhancing her market value, hence making her more attractive to the public. Once she creates music and songs about her own life experience, she gets more support from her admirers. Admirers appreciate it if the performer could write music regarding positive stories. Female vocalists can write sad music as well, but they should do that in moderation. Fans could only tackle a minimal negativity. Quite a few young audiences normally appreciate vocalists that write about breakups. It is simply because could identify with the lines of the song. When the performer creates melodies concerning empowerment, the number of her followers rises, especially when the songs sound sincere and powerful enough to touch the fans. So long as a female vocalist constantly improves herself as well as her own skills, she will keep her supporters entertained and fascinated with her.

Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. She is making her statement as a female vocalist and a sole composer of all her songs and hope that it will inspire many others to do the same. Nadel wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent. You can listen to her songs on itunes, spotify or on amazon.

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The Journey of a Music Artist by Nadel Paris

Music is something that is beyond human characteristic liking and disliking. It is liked by everyone though its genre can be different. Some may like the classical music style or to some hip hop and rock style would be worth making a choice. Besides these there are several genres available with the music like the Indie music, band stars, jazz etc. Several Music Artists have been involved with the music that has been rocking the earth with their talent.

There always remains a desire in every mind to be a rock star or a renowned Music Artist. But its not that easy to the heart throb. There is a long way ahead that needs to be covered before one can claim to be an established Music Artist. Several obstacles come in the way to be a Rock Star. A great music artist is never created, he is born. The genes of music are present there in his blood right from the beginning that guides him over the musical path. In this context family background plays a major role. Then it takes years of learning to know music from deep insight. Every body around the world can sing, a few of them can sing better but it’s the learned Music Artists alone who can sing and play music in rhythm.

A Music Artist may have learned all the lessons but when he enters the world of reality, the actual verve begins then. It may be easy to learn music but its not that easy to establish yourself as a Music Artist. Circumstances and the prevalence of tough competition in the market keeps on pulling you back. Usually people are attracted to a particular personality and it becomes very difficult for the new Music Artist to grab their attention towards himself. Shortage of money is usually seen as a major cause that pulls an artist behind. If some are able to survive it takes years of struggle to manage the hype worth being noticed. And by some bad luck if the performance doesn’t remains up to the mark, the journey comes to an end before its beginning. Usually it is seen that the emerging Music Artists are often misguided or mislead that diverts them from the right track rather than bringing them close to their destination. So this stage requires a great attention and disciplined life style so that you remain aimed at what you are exactly made for.

Nadel Paris is one such artist who defeated all adversaries and established her name in the music world by her hard work and talent. Nadel is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, and screenwriter. Nadel wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent. You can listen to her songs on itunes, spotify or on amazon.

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Rules in Music Can Be Inspirational: Nadel Paris

To many in the field of music, the talk of music rules can bring up a lot of resistance. Music is supposed to be about freedom, not the restraint of rules! There is a dividing line between total freedom from rules whereby anything goes, and the extreme rigidity of total rule based music as taught in schools. Nadel Paris’s advice is that rules are good guidelines to start with, and once you know them, you can begin to break them.

In the beginning rules are necessary to learn the language of music. They form the basis of music much like learning the letters and words of the English language are necessary to begin speaking. From this starting place, one can begin to use these letters, words, and phrases in different ways and combinations and rhythms, so long as one is speaking and the audience listening can understand the communication. At this point one can venture off and explore from the solid bedrock that the rules provide.

Though many regard classical music as the most rule based music of all, the masters actually encouraged improvisational technique. Bach trained his students to not only learn to play the music of the great masters of the time, but also to improvise on it, thus perhaps improving and finding better “rules”. Creative thinking was encouraged, and following instructions was used to illustrate one way of doing things, and ultimately a springboard to creative expression in sound. Students were persuaded to improvise by altering the basic structures as regards to meter, time, addition and subtraction of notes, and other spontaneous compositional techniques. Bach only allowed students to join his school that could demonstrate some of this basic exploratory compositional ability.

If you come from a traditional classically trained musical background, you probably have never had the opportunity to allow yourself to deviate from accepted note for note training. This is something that can be developed with practice though. For some this can be an advantage as the previous training can be a liability when one begins to compose, as they have a solid foundation in the rudiments of music. For others this can be a disability as they may be afraid to venture out into the unknown, having been immersed for so long in familiar territory.

The same principle applies to song form. Knowing the different types of song forms possible is liberating in the beginning, as one will have a structure to base explorations from. It is important when in unfamiliar surroundings to have a map to explore an area the first time through. Over time, as the rules of form become familiar, a composer can begin to deviate and drive down little cul de sacs exploring the terrain as the whim surfaces in the composer. The map is important in the beginning to start driving, and that is all that rules help with. This logic can be extended to chord progressions, melody lines and so on.

Once again, rules are just avenues of behavior that past composers have taken and that have been analyzed. Beginning composers should learn them to get themselves started on the path of becoming composers. They are not set in stone, nor is taking a contradictory route “wrong”. The basis and excitement of music composition is in the exploration of unknown terrain. They serve us well in the beginning, but once one is fluent, they are meant to be broken, bent and abused on your way to becoming a unique music composer.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, and screenwriter. Nadel wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent. You can listen to her songs on itunes, spotify or on amazon. To know about Nadel visit her here: http://www.nadel-paris.com/

The Value Of Classical Music by Nadel Paris

Every modern piece of music whether it be rhythm and blues to pop, behind the lyrics and melodies can all can be traced back to the Classics. Every piece of music now has been interpreted and integrated with classical overtones. Without the great composers like Bach, Hayden, or Mozart most of today’s music probably wouldn’t exist.


The value of Classical music cannot be stressed enough. As an artist Nadel Paris believes classical music the epitome of what musicians strive for in their own form of music interpretation. From an audience point of view classical music stirs the imagination, creativity, emotions, and feelings that otherwise wouldn’t occur at the same intensity while listening to other forms of music.


In education classical music is a most valuable asset. Recent studies have concluded that very young children who are introduced to the classics early in life all attain a higher level of academics than those children who weren’t exposed to classical music while they were young. Studies also have concluded that those children, teenagers, young adults who experience continued exposure to the classics further increases those individuals success in school and in life. But, sadly though school systems through-out the country music appreciation is the one program that always gets eliminated


Every child and young individual must be given the opportunity to become familiar with the great composers from Bach, Mozart, to Beethoven so that an appreciation of classical music will become an eternal part of life’s experiences. Everyone has different likes, tastes, and senses which is all what makes us an individual. Some people would prefer different types of music depending on moods and life’s events. With an early introduction and exposure to classical music an appreciation for all forms of music and art will develop now more than if children and individuals were not exposed to the classics at all.


Nadel Paris suggests that early education from preschool through grammar school must be given the means to provide children the opportunities to be exposed to the classics, to participate in music appreciation, and to be given the choice of partaking and learning how to play the musical instruments that are used in making classical music. When school systems short change students opportunity to become involved in learning of the great classics our whole society suffers. Without music and art appreciation the whole educational process is not complete and all children will miss out on one of life’s great experiences.

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Boundless Popularity of Gospel Music Among People Discussed by Nadel Paris

Music is a universal language and it can express anything and gospel music is a kind of music that helps express our devotion and faith to god. Gospel music is one of the oldest and still the most popular music genres. This music deals with religious topics yet it is still popular. For this, one might think of the reason of the popularity of the christian songs and the reason behind its popularity is that these are the most stimulating songs, have soothing melody and are far too harmonious. Even after all these years, the sound of Gospel Musics still seems to be captivating, beguiling and persuasive since it stands in opposition to the social conditions. Gospel music produces a powerful sound that can evoke reaction from its listeners.

Christian music at first was started out at the African American churches. Even today, many people of different beliefs still continue to be enthused by the heartfelt and soulful performances by christian singers, which is another reason why the christian music is still so popular among a wide audience. Christian musics somehow manage to bring people of different religious beliefs come together by giving them a common ground. Some time back, various other genres those of which emerged from the African-American culture like jazz, blues and R&B, were considered to be influenced by the christian musics.

Today, you can find various gospel singers well-possessed of the essential vocal skill required to sing the christian songs. Among some gospel singers you can even find some Piano Artists, guitarist and other instrument player. The reason behind this is that Piano, drums and brass guitar are some of the few key instruments that are utilized to accompany the words of slow christian songs sung by a choir. Moreover, there are gospel singers who perform and produce gospel music for different purposes including religion, for ceremonies, solely for worshipping God, and many other purposes.

Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban

Nadel writes about music genre, other related topics and shares her experience she has over the years through her blog.

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