How to Write Music for Lyrics? Ask Nadel Paris

Knowing how to write music for lyrics that would instantly be accepted by the target audience is not easy. Lyrics are only one part of songwriting so learning how to write music for lyrics is critical for all musicians. Some musicians begin with the instrumental while others prefer to write the lyrics first.

Essentials for Writing Lyrics

While learning how to write music for lyrics, it is essential to gain expertise in identifying chord progressions and create a match with the lyrics already written before moving on to rhythm tracks. Using drums or a guitar while writing music for lyrics is one of the best ways of creating a perfect song. Reading or singing the lyrics out loud would help to recognize the rhythm and melody, resulting in effective music writing.

Skills in Playing Musical Instruments

Learning to play different musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, or piano would help in understanding how to write music for lyrics. Identifying the right beat for the lyrics is one of the most important aspects of a creating a song. Understanding the feeling of the lyrics and then using the appropriate instrument to create music is an effective approach. Trying out different melodies using different instruments will help to discover the right music for the lyrics.


Experimentation is Key

It is essential not to break from the initial melody while learning how to write music for lyrics. Even though the song structure and melody is improving, it is important to experiment with various melodies in pursuit of perfection. Arranging the different melodies, identified using various assorted instruments, will help to discover the right tone and music. It is very important to identify how each of the instruments react to each other when played together to create the right music. Following your favorite artists and their overall approach to and tone of their lyrics will help to understand how to write music for lyrics.


Other Options of Writing Music to Lyrics

Using music composition software is another way to learn how to write music for lyrics. The beat makers and other instruments are extremely useful in churning out music to well-written lyrics. Identifying a clear structure to arrange the phrases and words in to lyrical verses can be done through the use of different instruments such as acoustic guitar or beat makers. It is essential not to restrict feelings, inspiration, or emotions while writing the words and concepts onto paper.



Composing music to the short phrases and verses written would help identify the best words and emotions to fine-tune the lyrics to greater extent, resulting in a more creative and interesting song. Be sure jot down any lyrical ideas that you come across to help fine-tune your music composition skills.


Nadel Paris a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a screenwriter. Nadel has amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.


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