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Another Uniquely American Invention, Black Gospel Music Lyrics and Songs are universally Uplifting

When an individual not entirely familiar with the character of gospel music thinks of the genre, that person probably wouldn’t consider it as intricately tied into American culture. Perhaps that person would think of the kind of music often sung in black Churches, or the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” might pop into mind.


One might acknowledge the music’s relevance to specific niche groups of our society, but probably wouldn’t rank it nearly as influential as, say, Rock, Jazz, Rap, or even Country.


What most people don’t understand, but which is understood within the gospel song industry, is that ‘Gospel music’ isn’t just a single genre. The gospel label encompasses a wide range of sounds, styles, and messages, and the simplistic description of it as “God music” simply isn’t appropriate. In fact, understanding the evolution and impact of Gospel provides valuable insight in the character of American culture.


Black Gospel and Southern Gospel Explained

The primary difference was that Black Gospel was and still is primarily about God, while Southern Gospels tend to be addressed to God. Both genres, then also vary radically from other Christian music, with which they are often confused. The history of Gospel is rich and intricate. So, to make it simple, let’s look at it from two basic perspectives. We’ll take the earlier examples, and consider black Church music, and the kinds of sounds people know from O Brother Where Art Thou. These two perspectives summarize the essential roots of Gospel music, as a fusion between early American white and black culture.


Similar Roots to Jazz

Black church music is probably the most obvious example of gospel music that people have in their minds. Similarly to jazz, this type of music traces its roots back to slave spirituals sung in the 19th century, and, also like Jazz, continues its evolution up through work songs sung in labor camps in the early 20th century. However, it splits from the more secular jazz music at this point.


Segregation Breeds Invention

Due much in part to the segregation of America in the early and mid twentieth century, black churches quickly developed a very different culture than those that white people often attended. The oral tradition that began with black spirituals had grown and developed, and synthesizing with religious connotations, found its way into churches. These spirituals became a staple part of church life, but never saw much commercialization until the end of the 20th century. After public exposure in film and even some pop music, perhaps most famously by Madonna in “Like a Prayer, gospel music, alongside and sometimes overlapping the growing popularity of rap, black gospel has become not only a viable commercial enterprise, but a prominent, if understated, feature of American culture.


Southern Gospel has ingrained itself in American culture in a similar manner, though its evolution is surprisingly analogous. Think of George Clooney crooning away in the hit movie “Oh Brother, Where art Thou?”. The type of music he sings there is actually representative of one of the few musical genres that has maintained its popularity since the early days of sound recording. This type of music has its origins in a mixture of the slave spirituals of black gospel, and a more Puritan sound known as heart song. This acapella music, one of the few really acceptable in Puritan society, was commonly sung in praise of God and spirituality. Fast forward 150 years or so, and there’s a new industry booming through the use of radio and recorded songs. Very quickly the easy, upbeat, and catchy sounds of quartet music gained prominence with listeners.


It’s important to point out that while Southern Gospel is different from ‘black’ Gospel, that doesn’t mean one is just in the domain of the white folks while the other is for black folks. Many of the early quartet groups had some or all black members. In fact, as Black Gospel did not gain popularity outside of black culture until many decades later, these quartets were one the earliest opportunities for black entertainers to gain mainstream attention and recognition.


As Popular as Ever

Nearly a century later, and much of Southern Christian Gospel has remained unchanged. While its popularity died in the middle of the century, the couple Bill and Gloria Gaith did much to revive it in the early 90’s through a massive national tour. This inspired a movement that reached out to new listeners, and eventually grew into Progressive Christian Gospel, a sub-genre that mixes elements of traditional, traditional Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, modern country, contemporary Christian and pop music. This evolution has helped spread its popularity and accessibility, particularly among younger listeners.


Today, Southern Christian Gospel remains one of the most popular forms of music in the country, though it functions within a very closed community. Despite this exclusiveness, its influence has spread to other countries, particularly Ireland, (List others). More than being simply religious Southern Christian Gospel represents the spiritual and aesthetic characteristic of American society.


So, while one might not see billboards prominently displaying the latest Gospel artists, or read about it in history textbooks, it remains an important and stalwart part of the American identity.


Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban
She is also an actor, an acting coach and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel Paris and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.
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Musical Genres or Styles of Guitar Music

Music is a free expression of emotion and feeling. It is an artistic expression of passion for melody, rhyme, measure and lyrics. Man’s love for music is evident on the number of musical instruments that were developed and used through the decades. Among these ancient-modern instruments is the guitar.

Guitar is one of the stringed instruments that have a history rooted from the ancient times. Through the centuries of its use, it has created thousands of tunes and has entertained millions of people from the era and area on which it was used. The ancient forms of music created by the guitar also evolved along with the guitar’s many forms. With man’s continuing passion for music and for this stringed instrument, modern times have created modern niche of guitar music.

Blues is one of the vocal and instrumental forms of music that uses blue notes. It has emerged from African-American communities through their spiritual and work songs as well as chants. With the use of rhymed and simple narrative ballads, the community has created music with a prominent call and response pattern. Blues are traditionally played with a piano as in churches and gatherings. Later on, the accessibility of guitars and its popularity among bands have made more music for blues, making it the root for some other musical genres such as the jazz, rhythm and blues, bluegrass and rock and roll.

Jazz is one of the popular genres of music that are played with the guitar. It is known to have originated from the blue notes or Blues. Considered a confluence of African and European music traditions, Jazz is distinct for its improvisations, polyrythms, syncopation and swung notes. Jazz has made beautiful music with its fusion with the big-band style swing, bebop and Latin, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. Eventually, Jazz was incorporated in 20th century American pop music.

The more recent musical genre of guitar music is pop music. With its noticeable rhythmic element, melodies and hooks, its mainstream style and conventional structure made it very popular among the teenage population. Today, these are the music that usually appears on top of the record charts, which are determined by the number of sales and popularity in air play. And most of the songs in this genre are accompanied by the tunes of the modern and classic construction of guitars.

The versatile application of guitar to music explains why professional guitarists can play all musical genres. From rock to pop, classic to modern beat, no one will ever miss out the significant contribution of guitar tunes to the whole effect of a song or musical piece. Even for novice guitar players or those who are starting to learn to play the guitar, the selection of play pieces or practice pieces is limitless, making the learning process more interesting and exciting.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc.

She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.

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Making Hip Hop Music Beats – What to Look Out for?

A music producer’s biggest challenge is coming up with new and creative hip hop music beats for his or her music.


Hip Hop Music Beats

After testing numerous softwares, you will realize that there are certain elements that will make or break your beats. These 3 elements are:


1) Drums – The most important part of a beat is the drums, and your software should have some type of hard hitting or low-end boom that will make people want to get up and party. It should also have the ‘thumping’ effect and not sound hollow.


2) Sound Effects – This is another crucial area you want to pay close attention to when looking around for the right software. Most software have various types of sound effects, just make sure you have the right type of effects for your project. Most of them provide free samples of their sounds, so take your time to listen to them before making a decision.


3) Snare – The snare could also be extremely important. The snare drum can give your beat a good groove, and can make or break your music. There are plenty of ways to use a snare, just go with the rhythm and let your creative juices flow.


Other than the 3 factors above, the next thing you should look for when making your own hip hop music beats is the price of the software. Make sure that it is within your budget, and it has all the features that you require. Don’t pay too much for professional softwares when you don’t need it yet.


Nadel Paris is not just an amazing vocalist, she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, actor, a screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc. Nadel Paris has a warm very distinct sound, amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.

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