What It Takes to Be a Successful Self-Published Author, Ask Nadel Paris

Even though there isn’t a “Get Successful Quick” secret that can package and sell to all the Indie Authors, there are some tried and true suggestions that you can use to set your writing career on the path to success.


Hard work

The first and most important suggestion that all self-published authors need to realize is that it takes a lot of hard work to publish your own book. Nothing worth doing is easy, this statement has never been more true than when applied to self publishing. Along with the freedom to make all of the decisions in guiding your own writing career comes the work it takes to become successful at it. You will need to go into task with open eyes and a plan to work as hard as you ever have for something that was worth it.


Know who your readers are and what they want

The only way to become a successful writer is to have a good understanding of who your readers are and what they want from you and the niche you are writing about. You need to be able to communicate with your readers in a way they will understand and be able to give them what they are looking for and expect.


Be an entrepreneur

Indie authors who treat their book as a business and use good entrepreneurial skills are the most successful. An author who is always on the watch for a new way of reaching their readers, new groups of people to address and a new way to get their message across will have their efforts paid off with a greater fanbase.



Always be willing to adapt to changing situations whenever necessary. You will need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of your niche and make changes as often as required to keep your message fresh and informative.



Stay on top of all the research available in your niche and the self publishing community in general. Make sure you try to stay informed and one step ahead of everyone else.


Help your fellow Indie Author

The community of independent authors is a very friendly and helpful one. Other authors will be quick to offer help and guidance whenever necessary because there isn’t really the competition that you will find in other industries. You aren’t necessarily competing for the same readers since you are usually writing about different topics. The community is also helpful because the authors that have gone before you remember what it was like when they were in your shoes and how much work it was to get to where they are today. Don’t forget to return the favor to them by helping someone else out where you can, which will insure the helpful mindset will continue.


Even though there isn’t a secret to being a successful self published author, there are some helpful tips that you can follow to guide you in the right direction.

Nadel Paris is a published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter.
Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years. She believes that teaching kids how to sing has kept her own vocal capacities and skills alive!

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Dancing Styles & Dance Moves for Beginners

There are so many different genres of dance that one can feel overwhelmed when he or she thinks of learning to dance. However it is not as complicated as it seems.

Firstly, to excel at a certain style it may take years of practice, to be able to cope with several types of dancing is not quite as hard. For many people who enjoy a range of activities, it is much more beneficial to learn a little about each style and not a lot about just one. This is because the usual person in today’s world will be exposed and often “pressured” into dancing at a variety of events. Therefore someone may encounter hip-hop, ballroom, and break dancing styles all in a very short period of time.

Overview of the main types of dance and some of the moves needed for each

Hip-hop is a great dance style to be familiar with as it can be used whenever there is a faster beat. Also, don’t think that hip-hop is just for those with baggy pants and lots of neck chains, anyone can benefit from acquiring this skill.

The most basic element of this genre is time-steps, a name also used for ballet moves. These require that you step in certain directions in time with the beat that is playing. “Step-tap” is one of these moves where you step to one side and then follow with your other foot and tapping it as it lands, continue this left and right.

A variation of this is “tap-step” where you tap with your first foot. You can experiment with many variations of these time-steps and maybe even create some of your own.

Another basic movement which looks great with a fast beat is isolations, where you separate movement in the upper body from the lower body. This can mean moving your shoulders back and forward while the rest of your body is still or swivelling your ankles creating movement while the rest of your body is still. These moves are the basics of hip-hop dance and should help in any club or dance party.

Ballroom dancers can be some of the most difficult to perform perfectly due to the high levels of coordination required. However with some very handy tips, you should be able to impress, even if it’s only at your next wedding.

Firstly, always move in a counter clockwise direction and the closer you are to the middle of the dance floor, the slower you should go. This is a helpful tip to remember as it gives direction and purpose which will affect the rest of your dancing. Another easy tip is that if you are a woman, you should start with your right foot as opposed to a man, who should lead with his left.

If you want to impress your dancing partner, try this one technique. Just before you launch off, lean into the direction you will go and lean according to how far you will step. This tells your partner you are ready to go and does not jerk them roughly. These tips will hopefully save you from embarrassment on the slower dance floors where everything is under scrutiny.

Although break dancing may sound like something you would never want to do let alone try doing, break dancing for beginners can give you a few simple moves that will help keep you in time with the beat while helping you relax and enjoy your time spent dancing.

These moves are for the club or disco although you are free to show them off at the next ball or wedding you attend. The first move is the hand glide and just requires you to put one hand on the floor and tuck the other into your chest, then use your free hand to push yourself around until you are spinning on your hand. You can go as fast as you can manage. A head spin is a great looking move which isn’t as hard as it seems, place your head and hands on the floor and spin around. Much practice may be needed!

Not only are these moves fun, but they are great at building muscle strength.

So don’t worry if you can’t master all of these techniques, as long as you got some handy tips then you are already much better off. You are probably now a much better dancer than the average person. If you were very intrigued by one or more of these styles then maybe you should take up a course in your local town or city in order to really improve your skills. You may not have seen yourself as a dancer but it is something that with a little practice, anyone can impress with.

Nadel Paris is a dancer, recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, published author, actor, and a screenwriter.

Ms. Nadel Paris has been working with children in dance training. She proudly has allowed for children to become so good at their craft that the kids who sing, dance and act, or two out of the three, often perform as series regular actors on major shows on television.

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Become A Better Musician With Better Practice Habits

As with anything in life, you will become a better musician the more you practice and even though you can’t expect to be an overnight sensation in most cases, you can dramatically increase your performance by the way you practice.

Most people don’t think about warming up before practicing their music but just like an athlete it will help you to perform better and learn faster. Always warm up before you begin practicing to settle your nerves and get your body relaxed so that you will get the best results from your practice session.

Another crucial aspect Ms. Nadel Paris (a Musician) believes of practicing music is setting realistic and attainable goals. Very few people can sit down and play a son perfectly with just a little practice, it takes time and repetition. Many musical scores may take weeks of practice just too master one song. For exceptionally long pieces, separate them into sections and concentrate on a particular section during each practice session.

Strategy is also important, especially when trying to learn a complex piece of music. You can play a tough to learn section repeatedly until you get it down or you can play it more slowly than intended and gradually increase the speed until you are playing at the tempo the music was written for.

Before you begin to play a certain piece of music, analyze it to determine the style it is supposed to be played in, what the timing should be, and the speed in which it is meant to be played. It is best to read over the entire piece a couple of times first so that you will know what the music should be played like before you get started.

If your aim is to become as good a musician as possible you need to practice as much as you can. When you see professional musicians who seem to play so flawlessly, you can believe that they practice their craft for several hours daily with extreme dedication.

You should break your practices up into segments such as this:

First you should warm up, going though through scales, chords, arpeggios, and book warm-up exercises before attempting a complicated piece of music.
The next step should to practice increasing the speed of your play by beginning at a slower tempo then moving up. This is similar to what we mentioned above about learning a difficult song.

Another way to help you to learn to read music better is to attempt to play an entire sheet of music you have never done. Doing this will assist you in your reading skill and enable you to learn to play new music much faster.
Mastering the art of music isn’t something that can be done overnight, it takes years of practice and dedication.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, actor, and a screenwriter. Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.
Visit her official website: http://www.nadel-paris.com/

Screenwriting Tips by Nadel Paris

Screenwriting is a very difficult job especially if you are just starting. It requires skills and knowledge to be able to come up with a script that sells. Thus, you need all the screenwriting tips that you can get from your mentors, from books, from other struggling writers and of course from the internet. However, nothing beats the idea of knowing the different screenwriting tips especially from those who have been there before.

Nevertheless, here are some of the basic screenwriting tips by Nadel Paris that you need to be familiarized with. They are very helpful as they will keep you reminded on what to do in order to make it big in the industry. They are simple and they can be easily done.

Originality is the key in making beautiful scripts. Production outfits are always in the lookout for something that is unique and original. No two stories are the same.

It is how you put your imagination to work that will help you create with something wonderful. Read as often as you can and ask around from other people’s own experiences. Who knows, their stories are worthy of a good script.

One of the most common tips that will be shared with you is constantly keep yourself motivated. Many struggling screenwriters are not able to get their work done because they lost motivation easily. Set a schedule if you must and focus your attention on finishing your work at a given schedule.

Make your dialogues beautiful. More than just one of those screenwriting tips, having a dialogue that has a life adds beauty to your script. In fact, the dialogue itself is a big factor in making your script well. If you noticed, beautiful movies always have the most beautiful lines that remain in the viewers’ subconscious.

Good screenwriters have years of practice in order to perfect the craft. If you have been rejected once, do not despair because you are only one of the hundreds whose work has been rejected. Instead be inspired to perfect your skills and hone your creativity and imagination. Screenwriting tips can be found anywhere but everything boils down to what you can do, what you have to offer and what keeps you driven to make beautiful stories.

Ms. Nadel Paris is a screenwriter, published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a dancer.

Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

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Instructions by Nadel Paris for Producing Music

Nadel Paris (a recording artist, musician, music producer) would like to share some revelations into the act of music production with you. Many folk think producing music is something complicated, and takes too long to learn. The actuality is that, that idea is both true and false.


It does take forever to become a great producer, but you can start manufacturing music in a matter of minutes. All that you need is your PC, production software, some loops or something to record (along with a microphone), and someone to offer you some instructions on music production.


The first ones are pretty easy to find. There are free music production software available, places to download free loops, even an inexpensive microphone will work, and a sector of sounds to record. The tricky part is finding someone to give you music production instructions, in a digestible manner.


The truth is that as soon as you place your fist loop into a track, and start playing with it you have now become a music producer. Once you have found a superb source of instructions for manufacturing music, you can increase your skills, but that really is how simple becoming a music producer is.


The instructions I’m going to give you for manufacturing music right now are that there are few rules. That isn’t sound like instructions, but the best teacher for making music is yourself. The music is inside you, all anyone else can do is tell you their tricks for bringing it out. Tricks that won’t work for you. So don’t be afraid to just play around and experiment.


So now that you know how straightforward it is to start manufacturing your own music, get your hands on some production software, some loops and start producing some music! It honestly is the most satisfying past time Nadel Paris has ever had, and she hopes you will go and explore it more.

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